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We love our Siberian husky puppies and as a AKC breeder that offers husky puppies for sale I know how important it is to make our of our customers raving fans! We are here to support you and will do what ever it takes to make sure you and your new AKC Siberian husky puppy are not only happy but also that you have the tools it takes to raise a beautiful Siberian husky puppy for a lifetime. We educate every single person that comes to us looking for husky puppies for sale because we know that you love husky puppies, and like me, want to do everything to ensure a happy puppy life for your husky. Like I said we make all of our customers are raving fans! We are here to support you, your new Siberian husky puppy your going to buy from me and your family through this amazing adventure of pure unconditional puppy love in Texas!  

Below are just a couple of recent testimonials. 

Wow! We were so surprised at how quickly our dog Dakota immediately bonded with our family and was so easy to potty train. Tim really loves his Husky puppies. Siberian husky's have always been our favorite so we were so blessed to meet Tim. It's really hard to find a Siberian husky breeder in Texas so we got lucky to find you.  All the love you and your family pours into these husky babies really pays off. We are part of a husky group and out of over 100 members in our community and our puppy is the best behaved and everyone goes crazy over his beautiful blue eyes and amazing markings.  He absolutely stands out and everyone in town know him. I swear he is more popular than me and I even met my wife while taking Tank for a walk. So what you do has not only given me a best friend and a companion but it also attracted the woman of my dreams. She walked right up to me and asked me about my puppy and I probably would not have met her if not for me find you when looking for a husky puppy for sale. 

Before meeting your family, we had two horrible experiences and we are so happy to have found you. The first people we saw on the internet the people asked us to send a western union and they would ship the puppy. They ripped us off. The second puppy we got had not been given any attention and was very skittish and behaved horribly. That dog destroyed our furniture and tried to bite my daughter.  Dakota has been super sweet and a snuggle buddy from day one and so well behaved! We were pleasantly surprised that Dakota had been trained in six weeks. Kudos to you!
-Marvin and Edith Mejia

I love the patience and care shown by Tim and his family. They took their time and really connected with my puppy, Roxy. Everyone raves how beautiful our Akc Siberian husky puppy is. Finding someone with husky puppies for sale that loves the breed as much as you do had proved the difference. Our children love to play with Roxy, and everyone at the dog park thinks Roxy is a rock star. Our family is so happy. We highly recommend you to everyone we meet and would never buy a husky puppy from anyone else. Thanks!
-Julie and Mark Green

We absolutely love what you do! Thank you so much for letting us come visit out puppy right after it was born. That was awesome. You guys make this world a better place. Our puppy has provided so much happiness to everyone we meet and people come up to us every single day to comment on how beautiful and well behaved our husky puppy is. We even take her to visit the seniors where we volunteer at. You Rock!
-Zoe Kent

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