Angel– Angel is a complete jokester. He loves to play and is all cuddles in the evening. He's an amazing blue eyed SIberian Husky for all types of homes and he plays well with others! Come see us in Dallas, Texas!

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My top ten husky links for people looking for Husky puppies for sale in Dallas! Also links from top AKC Siberian Husky breeder and lovers. 

Here at AKC Siberian Husky breeder we have Siberian Husky puppies for sale! Our pack is comprised of 7 beautiful family raised husky puppies here in Dallas! We love Siberian Huskies and husky puppies so that's all we have! All or our Siberian husky puppies as well as the husky puppies for sale get lot love every single day! 


Because we are small and passionate about the breed, all of our Siberian Husky puppies for sale are spoiled. So your new husky puppy will be spoiled too with lots of love and affection. . Our huskies are socialized and loved like a family member from day one! 

We are the best AKC Siberian husky breeder and have the best Siberian  puppies because of  how we raise them! 

TANK – Meet the most loveable husky puppies for sale in Dallas! We as AKC Siberian Husky breeder love our huskies and you will too! Feel free to contact us to come visit.     817-500-3020.  

More available –  We have more husky puppies for sale in Dallas  available. We love to be playing with Siberian Husky puppies so call us to come play too!


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We know that is becoming increasingly harder to find a reputable AKC Siberian Husky puppy breeder and husky puppies for sale that come from a loving family. We have been breeding Siberian husky puppies in the great state of Texas for 12 years now and offer our clients the highest levels of service. I know personally when searching for a Siberian husky puppy for sale in Texas I found myself going through ad after ad and all I was finding was shipping scams and puppy mills. I know when you want to buy a Siberian husky puppy it is so important to see the parents on site as well as see where you puppy has been living and who has been raising the puppy.

​​Texas Siberian Husky Puppies is the first place in Texas to offer purebred AKC Siberian Husky puppies for sale that have been hand raised by our family in our home with love, attention, handling, and training. When you get a husky puppy from us you will know that your new family member has been brought up with love. We love husky puppies! While this sounds so simple, I can guarantee you that is one of the most important things you can think of when picking out your forever Siberian husky puppy and friend. I would love to talk with you, feel free to call me and come out to my home and visit my beautiful Siberian Husky puppies. It doesn't matter if you have just started looking today for a husky for sale or if you have been looking for a long time, I can assure you that you are in the right place if you love huskies, husky puppies, and want one that has been handled with lots of love and compassion  Call me today to see if we have a husky puppy available or to get on a waiting list for the next litter at 817-500-3020 Tim. No matter what you do, make sure to think when picking out your life long friend.  You need to make sure your new husky puppy has been raised in a loving environment with lots of socialization and interaction. Every husky and every animal has a unique personality and disposition and the first six weeks of a husky puppies life will help shape them dramatically into a loving life long friends with the right environment. Because of this, every animal needs to be trained differently and with specialized attention. This requires a unique trainer, with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. You also will need expert guidance to effectively train your animal. If you love your animal, you can count on Texas Husky Puppies to provide you a husky puppy full of love and compassion.

I take great pride in my Siberian husky puppies for sale and welcome visitors into my house to come see the puppies in person and to come meet me. You will find that I will provide you with a beautiful new member of your family as well as educate you on training, daily care, grooming tips, and send you home with a puppy care guide that will guide you through many years of ownership. When you are buying a Siberian husky puppy, especially from me, you will want to know these secrets to having a beautiful happy puppy that will love you for a lifetime.

The fastest way to reach me is always by phone and when you buy a husky puppy from me, you are ensured a mentor and someone who will help you raise the most beautiful Siberian husky puppy that will have the whole town talking about. My baby husky puppies are hand raised with lots of love and affection from the day they are born. I am a very small AKC Siberian husky breeder with only 4 husky puppies that I breed so you can rest assured that all of my husky puppies and the ones you will buy from me, are raised with love and will be your cherished pet and your best friend. I have some amazing pictures, videos, and stories I would love to share with you too. Call me today and come on over and lets play with some beautiful blue eyed Siberian Husky puppies! Timmy 817-500-3020


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